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Located just minutes from Denver, in SE Aurora, Colorado.
We provide and respect quality conservation of wildlife skulls.
Professional Skull Mounting and Custom Designs available.

In business since 2007, we specialize in skull taxidermy and have professionally cleaned & mounted thousands of skulls for Artists, Collectors, Sportsmen, Veterinarians and Taxidermists.

We preserve wildlife skulls, bones, antlers, horns and utilize methods that produce cleaner skulls with superior results.

We use Dermestid Beetles to naturally clean fresh harvest specimens, such as Bear, Lion, Coyote etc., including Pronghorn and select size Deer. All large antlered or horned skulls and skulls that do not fit our tanks or meet our beetle cleaning criteria are cleaned, degreased and sanitized, utilizing our hot maceration method, performed under controlled conditions.

At Classic Antler Mounts LLC, your project will be processed and finished by a licensed professional taxidermist that specializes in the quality conservation of wildlife skulls. Skull Taxidermy includes: Degreasing, Sanitizing, H202 whitening, optional Skull Sealant, Antler/Horn conditioner, D-Loop hanger, B&C Measurement/Score. Custom Skull Mounting options also available.

We "Safely Clean" Big-Game Predator skulls for potential Pope&Young, Boone&Crockett, SCI record measurements.

We will "Professionally & Safely Preserve" your potential trophy skull through our all natural cleaning process.
Our beetle method minimizes skull shrinkage during the "Green Stage" (natural dry time of 60 days prior to measuring).
We highly recommend adequate field care, taxidermy preparation and cold storage during transportation of wildlife.

We have various skulls on display for comparison between, beetle cleaning and hot maceration cleaning methods.
We clean all Large Antlered skulls through our hot maceration process, proven to achieve quality results compatible to beetle cleaning. All Predators, Bears, Lions, Furbearers and select size skulls are preserved through our beetle cleaning method.

Skull Field Care
The quality of taxidermy begins with adequate field care. Basic Skull Preparation and/or Cold Storage are Important steps.

Ideally, you will skin the animal and prepare it for processing and taxidermy services. We do not require you to completely skin or taxidermy prepare the skull.

At a bare minimum, always remove the tongue, neck and keep it cold until drop-off. During warm weather seasons, basic field care is essential. Skulls should be taxidermy prepared, salted and sealed in a game-bag to deter flies and bacteria.

After skinning, we recommend detaching the neck atlas/vertebrae from the skull. Using only a knife to cut flesh and separate the atlas bone at the spine of the skull. In the field, a sharp knife is the best tool to surgically separate the neck atlas.

Skull taxidermy preparation and field care tip:
In the field, I use a Havalon Piranta knife for skinning, caping and preparing the skull.
Remove the tongue; eyes; neck atlas; mandible; and excess flesh.
Use a fork or spoon to scrape out the brain and then salt the skull completely.

In warm weather, Fly eggs/larvae will hatch within 12-24 hours. Coating the fleshed skull with a layer of regular table salt will discourage flies and help prevent bacteria. Lastly, wrap the skull in a game-bag to allow air circulation.

The results of proper field care will add to the ultimate quality of skull taxidermy.
Contact us if you have any questions about field care or skull preparation.

Skull cleaning Terms of Service
Basic field care and skull preparation steps are recommended to achieve quality taxidermy results. Our Beetle cleaning process requires skulls to be fresh, kept cold and bacteria free.

There is a minimum "Fleshing Fee" of $25 for Removal and Disposal of Excessive flesh, hide, bone that exceeds 10 lbs.

Our studio has no control over the condition or care of a specimen prior to receiving it. Several conditions may have a determining factor on the finished piece. This includes, conditions surrounding the harvest, primeness of specimen, time of year, inadequate field care, preparation and storage.

There will be a minimum Bio-Hazard Fee of $100.00 for Handling and Cleaning any rancid, maggot covered and bacteria infected skull. If it smells rotten, it's a potential Bio-Hazard.

Many Taxidermist's WILL NOT EXCEPT rancid, rotten, maggot or bacteria infected specimens under any circumstance.
Classic Antler Mounts LLC, reserves the right to decline acceptance of and/or process potential Bio-Hazards.

Bio-Hazard skulls must be decontaminated under controlled conditions to eliminate bacteria, avoid cross contamination of other skulls and protect our beetle colony habitat. In warm weather, fly eggs hatch in 12 to 24 hours. House Flies carry disease, additionally larvae (maggots) secrete enzymes that degrade tissue and bone. We cannot guarantee 100% removal of maggots without nasal turbinate removal. Contaminated Bio-Hazard skulls will not be beetle cleaned.

Shipping Instructions contact us if you have any questions.
Raw skulls must be adequately fleshed, taxidermy prepared and frozen solid, do not ship rancid or rotten skulls. Plastic totes or Styrofoam insulated boxes work well. Seal frozen skulls in Heavy Duty plastic bags, tagged with ownership information.

Use Styrofoam or newspaper to insulate items inside the box/tote. Please DO NOT use the U.S. Postal Service when shipping raw skulls, we recommend FedEx or UPS.

Taxidermy Work Order Form required for shipping wildlife/taxidermy items to Classic Antler Mounts LLC.
Shipping rates are calculated by dimensional weight based on the size of the box/crate. Upon completion of your work order, we will contact you and send the final invoice for any remaining balance including shipping charges. We securely package your project for UPS shipping and provide a tracking number.

Taxidermist "Business Discount" qualification requires five (5) or more, wild game non-antlered skulls. "Fully Skinned or Taxidermy Prepared Skulls" only. Definition of a Taxidermy Prepared Skull: "The carcass; hide; cape; neck; vertebrae; atlas; throat and excessive flesh have been proficiently removed. Skulls are fresh/cold and meet our beetle cleaning criteria. Skulls are tagged and delivered ready for beetle cleaning". Taxidermist Business Form for Licensed Taxidermist use only.

Located in SE Aurora, Colorado just minutes from Denver.
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